Rakhi Sawant’s lawyer Falguni Brahmabhatt dismisses ex-husband Adil Khan Durrani’s allegations; says, “Adil is just trying to grab publicity”

Rakhi Sawant’s hospitalization for health concerns has taken a dramatic turn. After being hospitalized for chest pain and uterine issues, her ex-husband Adil Khan Durrani cast doubt on the situation, claiming it’s a ploy to avoid an upcoming court hearing. In a fresh update, Rakhi’s advocate Falguni Brahmabhatt has refuted Adil’s claims and shared details on Rakhi’s condition in an interview with ETimes TV.Falguni said, “Rakhi has medical issues, no doubt about it. Whatever Adil is saying, that is what he is thinking. He believes that because the court date is coming near, Rakhi is spreading rumours. But that is not true, she is undergoing treatment and shall undergo surgery soon. She has fibrosis, there will be another checkup with the gynaec for what the other issues are. And yes, she also has heart issues. Rakhi had anxiety, chest pain and palpitations.”When asked about the court hearing, she quipped, “She will move court within a two-three days’ time. As the date is coming closer, as her advocates we will take legal steps to ensure that her legal procedures or compliance are made. The directions of the Supreme Court will be followed. It is not that she is running away, Rakhi has already instructed us, and we shall take legal steps at the appropriate time. She will be back very soon.”Falguni further reacted to Adil’s claims saying, “Adil is just trying to grab publicity in this, he had mentioned that last year he did all the tests. He wasn’t even there, for 6 months he was in jail. He wasn’t even there with Rakhi when she went for her medical tests. And even if he was there with her, then anyone could have a medical emergency. She would have been alright last year, but she could also have a medical emergency, you cannot determine something that happens all of a sudden.”She concluded, “As Adil said, she is lying and doing all this to stay away from the jail, so there is nothing like that. Rakhi will be there before the court and her fate will be decided by the court and not by Adil. He is only doing this to grab publicity.”Also Read : Adil Khan claims Rakhi Sawant’s hospitalization is fake; says, “This is only a drama to escape going to jail”

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