Pragya Kapoor “Maali” to make world premiere at Indian Film Festival of Melbourne 2022

Apart from donning a producer’s hat and being known for delivering content-driven hits like ‘Kedarnath’ (2018) and “Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui” (2021), Pragya Kapoor has been involved in some exemplary work in the field of environment conservation. Founder of Ek Saath -The Earth Foundation, Pragya remains in a constant pursuit to make the world a better place through her philanthropy efforts and eco-friendly initiatives.

Pragya says, “Maali is a film which is close to my heart. When I heard the story of the film from Sonali and Shiv for the first time, I instantly connected with the world and agreed to come on board as a presenter. Filmmakers who have the passion and drive to tell meaningful, engaging stories about real issues need to be encouraged.”

She adds, “The story of ‘Maali’ brings alive the most pertinent global conversation around deforestation and mental health. I am eagerly looking forward to taking ‘Maali’ to its world Premiere in Melbourne on August 18 at the prestigious Indian Film Festival of Melbourne. We would like ‘Maali’ to reach every household so people can understand the importance of trees and how nature conservation is important for our well-being and mental health.”

Shiv C Shetty who has written and directed the film will make his debut on the global platform. “‘Maali’ is a reflection of what we see around us today; at one end there is rapid urbanization and at the other end, soon-to-be-extinct nature.”

‘Maali’ is a journey of a 16-year-old girl in Tulsi, from the calm mountains to the concrete jungle, and her struggle when she witnesses the life of the city; greed, loneliness, and depression. The film shows Maali’s journey from the serene mountains to the city and the effects of deforestation on our well-being and mental health.

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