Aditi Prabhudeva bio

Aditi Prabhudeva Biography:-

Aditi Prabhudeva was born on 13 Jan 1992 (Age 30) in Davanagere, Karnataka

Sudeepana Prabhudeva Banakar, known professionally as Aditi Prabhudeva is an Indian film actress prominently working in the Kannada film industry.

Early life and career:-

She was born in Davanagere. After completing an Engineering degree and an MBA, she started her anchoring career and acting career in the Kannada serial Gundayana Hendti. Then she debuted in film with the Kannada film Dhairyam. Then she returned back to television to play the main role in Kannada serial Nagakannike.

Actress Aditi Prabhudeva engaged with a coffee planter Yashas:-

The year 2021 is ending on a pretty good note for Aditi Prabhudeva. On the professional front, she’s signed a slew of films this month. And on a personal note, she got engaged to the coffee planter and businessman Yashas on December 26th.

“I understand that it may have left many surprised, but it wasn’t a sudden decision,” says Aditi. Even though my parents have never forced me to get married, they have been on the lookout for a match for me. I too was open to the idea that I’d go ahead with the match if I liked their choice. So yes, everything just fell into place and we got engaged on the Xmas weekend at a relative’s home near Hassan. I was busy with shooting until the last moment and Yashas dropped me back to my location for the night shoot,” smiles Aditi.

On further prodding, Aditi says that even though it’s an arranged match and the families met first, she’s now in love with him. “As an actor, it’s a demanding profession. But I’ve always been of a different mental make-up. I love nature, and animals, being a home bird and Yashas, who hails from Patla in Coorg, shares a similar outlook. He loves having family around, is emotional, and loves animals. As a coffee planter, being one with nature is like second skin to him. So, he’s everything that I wanted in my man,” she tells us.

Yashas had seen Aditi on screen in the song, Perfect Girl, and had liked her ever since. “He told his family and when they made enquiries, they got to know that my parents were also on the lookout for a match. The elders met and then we were introduced. So, for Yashas it was a love match and for me, it was an arranged match,” laughs the actor.

So, when’s D-day? “That hasn’t been spoken of, as yet. Right now, the focus is on doing films. Yashas and his family are extremely supportive of my career. The reason we made an official announcement is because we didn’t want rumours flying around of me dating or being seen with a boy. Making things official was a respectable way to do things. Now that it’s done, I shall enjoy the dating phase,” wraps up Aditi.

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