After Fame Game, Aranyak Season Two Likely To Get Cancelled, Official Confirmation Awaited

Raveena Tandon made a bold comeback with the crime thriller web series Aranyak. Aranyak was widely acclaimed by critics upon its debut for its sophisticated writing and captivating plot. Unfortunately, due to a low return on Investment, the popular streaming service Netflix has removed the second season from its lineup, as per reports.

Aranyak Second Season Gets Cancelled?

A source close to Bollywood Hungama claims that OTT platforms are becoming more concerned about connecting with their audience. The source stated, “OTT platforms have become even more stringent in terms of what content they feature, and Netflix is no stranger to this. This is a conscious effort in driving more content-driven shows and films that will connect with the audience.”

The source justified this by citing the recently canceled The Fame Game, starring Madhuri Dixit:-

Further stated, “This isn’t the first show that Netflix has canceled. Earlier the streaming giant had dropped the second season of the Madhuri Dixit starrer The Fame Game as well. In both cases, apparently, Netflix was not happy with the story, script, as well as the ROI and decided on forgoing development of the second seasons.”

Although, there has still been no official confirmation from Netflix on shelving Aranyak Season 2 and Fame Game Season 2:-

Madhuri Dixit made her OTT debut with the explosive show “The Fame Game.” Anamika, a famous actress was the subject of the presentation. Fame Game’s last episode ended on a cliffhanger, implying that a second season is possible. However, the second season as per the source got canceled by the streaming giant.

Aranyak’s Plot:-

The story is set in the fictitious Himachal Pradesh town of Sironah, where two morally upright officers are searching for the person responsible for the alleged rape and murder of a teenage girl who had supposedly travelled to the scenic town to spend the holidays with her foreign mother.

Raveena Tandon made her OTT debut with Aranyak, and it was recently rumored that she will make her second OTT appearance in a new web series, which is purportedly an Indian adaptation of the American series “Revenge.” Ruchi Narain will helm this series.

Aranyak is streaming on Netflix.

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